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What to Wear for Professional Headshots: Guide from headshots photographer in London


When it comes to professional headshots, dressing the part plays a crucial role in conveying your competence and confidence. Whether you're preparing for a corporate photoshoot, a LinkedIn profile picture, or a portfolio update, selecting the right outfit can greatly impact the message you send. In this article, we'll guide you through the nuances of dressing for success in London's professional headshot scene, ensuring you look and feel your best.

What to Wear for Professional Headshots in London

London, a vibrant hub of business and creativity, demands a thoughtful approach to dressing for professional headshots. Your attire should reflect your industry, personal style, and the image you want to project. Striking the right balance between professionalism and individuality is key.

Business Attire with a Twist

For industries with a formal dress code, such as finance or law, opt for a classic business ensemble. A well-fitted suit or a tailored dress with clean lines exudes professionalism. Incorporate a touch of London's trendiness with accessories like a statement watch or a stylish tie.

what to wear for professional headshots

Creative Industries: Showcasing Personality

If you're in a creative field like design, advertising, or entertainment, use your headshot as a canvas to express your creativity. Choose attire that aligns with your personal brand. A stylish blouse, a tailored blazer paired with unique accessories, or a bold pattern can inject personality while maintaining professionalism.

Power Play with Power Colors

Colors can evoke emotions and perceptions. Red signifies power and authority, while blue exudes trustworthiness. Experiment with power colors to make a lasting impact. For instance, a navy suit or a red tie can amplify your presence and enhance your headshot's effectiveness.

Elegant Simplicity: Timeless Choices

If you are not sure, go with something simple. Choose timeless pieces that transcend trends. A crisp white shirt, a black dress, or a well-fitted blazer are safe yet elegant choices. These classics never fail to make a lasting impression, showcasing your sophistication.

The Impact of Accessories

Accessories are the accents that complete your look. Choose tasteful and complementary accessories that enhance your outfit without overpowering it. A minimalistic necklace, a classic watch, or understated earrings can elevate your headshot while keeping the focus on your face.

Grooming Essentials

Your clothing isn't the only factor to consider. Grooming is equally vital. Ensure your hair is well-kept, nails are clean, and facial hair (if applicable) is neatly trimmed. A polished appearance signifies attention to detail, an essential trait in any professional.

Footwear: The Foundation of Confidence

Don't overlook your footwear. It's not just about what's visible; the right shoes can boost your confidence. Choose comfortable yet stylish shoes that match your outfit's formality. Clean, polished shoes complete the overall polished look.

Lighting the Professional Spark

London's weather can be unpredictable, affecting the lighting in your headshots. To counter this, opt for attire that works well in various lighting conditions. Avoid overly shiny fabrics that can reflect light, and choose matte finishes that ensure you look your best regardless of the lighting.

If you are not sure what to wear for professional headshots in London discuss with an experienced headshots photographer in London.

F.A.Q. - Common questions

Q: Can I wear bold colors for my headshot?

A: While bold colors can add vibrancy, it's generally advisable to stick to more muted and classic tones to ensure the focus remains on your face.

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