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Professional Headshots Photographer in Chelmsford

Capturing the qualities that make you unique & getting the recognition you want

✔ Professional: State-of-the-art equipment & techniques

✔ Agile: Fast turnaround times

✔ Transparent pricing with different packages (*starting at £40)

✔ Flexible: We can work with your references at your location or in studio locations

✔ Transparent: We will show you photos during the photoshoot (on camera or laptop)

Free 15 min. consultation with no strings attached 

Chelmsford outdoor locations for headshots

Central Park Serenity

Nestled in the heart of Chelmsford, Central Park offers tranquil greenery, serene lakes, and beautiful gardens. Capture your essence amidst nature's beauty.


 Bond Street

If you are looking for a more urban and trendy location for your headshot, you might want to check out Bond Street. This is a new development in Chelmsford that features a mix of retail, leisure, and residential spaces. It has a modern and stylish architecture that can add some edge and flair to your headshot. You can also find some cool cafes, restaurants, and bars on Bond Street that can serve as interesting locations for your headshot. Bond Street is located in the heart of Chelmsford city centre, near the High Street and the Riverside Leisure Centre.


Hylands House and Estate

For a touch of history and elegance, Hylands House and Estate are ideal. The grand architecture and pristine gardens are perfect for a sophisticated look.


Why you need a professional headshot in Chelmsford?

  • Shows you care about your personal brand

  • Helps to build confidence and trust 

  • Makes you look professional

    Do you have a Linkedin profile?

  • According to LinkedIn, users who have a professional headshot get 14 times more views than those without. Source 

  • Adding a photo to your LinkedIn profile makes you 36 times more likely to receive a message on LinkedIn. Source

Why choose us?

  • We have a proven engagement service

  • Guaranteed results - or your money back

  • We use professional equipment

  • Tailored Photography Services for Your Business

In your quest for the perfect headshot, Chelmsford offers a mix of captivating locations. Remember to consider lighting, wardrobe, and posing to capture your essence. With these tips and insights, you're well-prepared to embark on a photoshoot that showcases your best self.


Don't settle for ordinary headshots; elevate your personal brand with headshots that truly shine. Contact us today to schedule your personalized headshot session and take the first step towards a more captivating online presence. Remember, the right headshot can open doors you never thought possible. If you are looking for a professional photographer in Chelmsford or London please let us know which area you prefer.


Basic Package


  • Your choice of  1 edited photos

  • 1 person

  • up to 2 outfits per session (arrive ready or change here)

  • 1 background

  • High resolution. Print quality

  • Private online gallery

  • you keep the shots we take

  • £20 for any extra photos

Standard package


  • Your choice of up to 3 edited photos

  • up to 2 people

  • up to 4 outfits per session

  • 2 backgrounds

  • High resolution. Print quality

  • Private online gallery

  • you keep the shots we take

  • £20 for any extra photos

Premium package


  • Your choice of  up to 6 edited digital images

  • Up to 6 people

  • High resolution. Print quality

  • Private online gallery

  • background colour of your choice

  • £18 for any extra photos


Custom price

  • Your choice of  up to X edited digital images

  • High resolution. Print quality

  • Private online gallery

  • background colour of your choice

  • £18 for any extra photos


Reviews from clients

"I can’t recommend Drago enough, he was impecable! The shots were amazing and most importantly he was very flexible with my tight schedule! I am now considering a session with the family and have updated all my pictures everywhere given the outstanding job he did!

Giselle Weil

Let's Get You Booked

How do I choose the right Chelmsford headshot location?

Select a location that aligns with your style and purpose. Consider factors like lighting, background, and accessibility.

What should I wear for a headshot session in Chelmsford?

Opt for attire that matches your personality and the chosen location. Avoid busy patterns and logos.


Can I bring props to my headshot session?

Yes, props can add a personal touch to your photos. Discuss this with your photographer to ensure they fit the theme.

Do I need professional hair and makeup for a headshot?

Professional grooming can enhance your look, but it's not mandatory. Choose based on your comfort level.

How long does a headshot session typically last?

A session usually lasts 1-2 hours, allowing time for outfit changes and different locations.


How can I find a skilled photographer in Chelmsford?

Ask for recommendations, read reviews, and view portfolios online. Meet with potential photographers to ensure a good fit.

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