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Professional Headshots in Canary Wharf

Capturing the qualities that make you unique & getting the recognition you want

✔ Professional: State-of-the-art equipment & techniques

✔ Agile: Fast turnaround times

✔ Transparent pricing with different packages (*starting at £40)

✔ Flexible: We can work with your references at your location or in studio locations

✔ Transparent: We will show you photos during the photoshoot (on camera or laptop)

Free 15 min. consultation with no strings attached 

Why Canary Wharf Shines

Canary Wharf, with its modern architecture and stunning urban landscape, provides an ideal backdrop for contemporary headshots. The contrast between the polished corporate atmosphere and the natural beauty of the River Thames creates an unique atmosphere that is both professional and inviting. The environment itself exudes professionalism and success, enhancing the overall impact of your headshots.


In the dynamic business landscape of Canary Wharf, first impressions matter more than ever. A professional headshot can quickly show others that you're skilled, confident, and easy to approach. Whether you're an experienced leader or just starting your career, our skilled photographers are committed to capturing your unique essence with finesse.


We can use the architecture as a backdrop to provide context for the photos.

Financial services are a clear example but we can also use elements of architecture, light and the environment to create images for different business types. 

Whether you are looking for a professional headshot for your LinkedIn profile or want to build your brand with a range of professional images, our experienced team will work with you to capture your unique personality.

Why you need a professional headshot?

  • Shows you care about your personal brand

  • Helps to build confidence and trust 

  • Makes you look professional

    Do you have a Linkedin profile?

  • According to LinkedIn, users who have a professional headshot get 14 times more views than those without. Source 

  • Adding a photo to your LinkedIn profile makes you 36 times more likely to receive a message on LinkedIn. Source

Why choose us?

  • We have a proven engagement service

  • Guaranteed results - or your money back

  • We use professional equipment

  • Tailored Photography Services for Your Business

We’ll come to you in Canary Wharf or wherever you’re based and work within your environment. We bring our pop-up studio to your office to save your staff time and inconvenience. We cover most of London, Canary Wharf, and The City.

Making a Lasting Impression Your professional image deserves the best. With our experience of multiple years and the personalized approach, we ensure your headshot captures your uniqueness while meeting the demands of Canary Wharf's competitive business scene. Elevate your brand, show confidence, and leave a memorable impression with our exceptional headshot services.


Don't settle for ordinary headshots; elevate your personal brand with headshots that truly shine. Contact us today to schedule your personalized headshot session and take the first step towards a more captivating online presence. Remember, the right headshot can open doors you never thought possible. If you are looking for a professional headshot photographer in central London or other areas let us know which area you prefer.


Basic Package


  • Your choice of  1 edited photos

  • 1 person

  • up to 2 outfits per session (arrive ready or change here)

  • 1 background

  • High resolution. Print quality

  • Private online gallery

  • you keep the shots we take

  • £20 for any extra photos

Standard package


  • Your choice of up to 3 edited photos

  • up to 2 people

  • up to 4 outfits per session

  • 2 backgrounds

  • High resolution. Print quality

  • Private online gallery

  • you keep the shots we take

  • £20 for any extra photos

Premium package


  • Your choice of  up to 6 edited digital images

  • Up to 6 people

  • High resolution. Print quality

  • Private online gallery

  • background colour of your choice

  • £18 for any extra photos


Custom price

  • Your choice of  up to X edited digital images

  • High resolution. Print quality

  • Private online gallery

  • background colour of your choice

  • £18 for any extra photos


Reviews from clients

"I can’t recommend Drago enough, he was impecable! The shots were amazing and most importantly he was very flexible with my tight schedule! I am now considering a session with the family and have updated all my pictures everywhere given the outstanding job he did!

Giselle Weil

Let's Get You Booked

  • How can I prepare for a successful headshot session?
    Choose attire that aligns with your industry, practice natural poses, and ensure a well-groomed appearance to make the most of your session. Communicate your vision or concept: If needed get some inspiration on poses and attitude to aim for. Send reference photos to the photographer, makeup artist or hair stylist before photoshoot to get an idea on the look you want. (you can check on pinterest or ask photographer to help you) Prepare multiple outfits for photoshoot so you have options to choose from. Prepare music playlist for photoshoot day Exfoliate skin a few times a week Moisturize for your skin to look nourished and fresh Book appointment with hairdresser or hair stylist. Body and skin: Eat clean foods if you don't already do this. A body detox can take multiple days. Try to go to gym. It can also boost your self-confidence.
  • Do you offer on-location headshot sessions?
    Yes, we offer both studio and on-location headshot sessions to accommodate your preferences and needs.
  • What sets Headshot Visuals apart from other photographers?
    Headshot Visuals stands out due to our extensive experience in capturing compelling headshots that reflect your authentic self, coupled with our London-based expertise. ✔ Tailored to your needs: We can work with your references at your location or in studio locations. ✔ State-of-the-art equipment & techniques ✔ Free 15 min. consultation with no strings attached
  • Where are the sessions held?
    You can choose a favourite location of your choice: indoor/outdoor or I can recommend a location. I am open to travel. Locations examples: Photo studio, your office , living room, park, forest, home/garden. For example one of the clients had a photoshoot done in her living room with my flash lights setup and in the end we made photos also in her garden outside. I can come to your desired location or If you don't have a specific location in mind I can give you examples (based on your area). If needed, I can travel with my studio lights to your office/home or other types of locations.
  • What colours should I wear?
    Rich deep colours such as green, blue, navy, maroon, mustard and burnt orange work nicely. Very strong colours like a bold red or bright orange & yellow often over power the subject. Pale blue, pinks and pastels often make things look more youthful. Earthy, grey and neutral tones are a good safe bet. Black are always useful but don’t take everything in Black. Conservative companies and jobs like lawyers & accountants typically wear darker colors. This provides a more grounded feeling of trust, steadiness, and confidence. You can throw in small pops of color to stand out but predominantly stick to darker tones. For smaller companies and start-ups, it’s almost expected that you wear more casual clothing with brighter colors. These groups are about energy, innovation, and personality. The easiest thing you can do to ensure you get great photos is to bring options to your session. Bring your favorite colors and other variations. It’s easy to take more clothes and let your photographer help you decide out which looks the best on camera. This will help make sure you get the best look. Some colors that always flatter no matter what are deep reds, shades in the blue-green family, and grays. I also suggest using complementary colors when layering.
  • Are your headshot packages customisable?
    Yes, we offer customisable packages to ensure you get exactly what you need for your specific requirements.
  • Why should I invest in professional headshots?
    Professional headshots make a strong first impression in business and online presence. They convey confidence, credibility, and approachability. Think of your professional photo or headshot as the logo for your personal brand. Studies have shown that people can recall 65% of the visual content they see in comparison to about 10% of written content almost three days later. Adding a photo to your LinkedIn profile makes you 36 times more likely to receive a message on LinkedIn, and LinkedIn profiles with a profile photo receive 21 times more views than those without a profile photo. According to LinkedIn, users who have a professional headshot get 14 times more views than those without.
  • Can you provide group headshots for my team?
    Certainly, we offer group headshot packages that showcase the unity and professionalism of your team.
  • How soon can I receive the final edited headshots?
    You can expect to receive your professionally edited headshots within 5-7 business days after your session.
  • Can I use my headshots for both professional and personal purposes?
    Absolutely! Our headshots are versatile and can be used for LinkedIn profiles, business websites, social media, and even personal branding.
  • How long does a typical headshot session take?
    A typical session lasts around 1-2 hours, allowing ample time for wardrobe changes, different poses, and settings. If you need a mix of multiple outfits and backgrounds we suggest booking at least 2 hours to have enough time.
  • What should I expect during the headshot session?
    Our skilled photographer will guide you through various poses and expressions, ensuring you feel comfortable and confident throughout the session.
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