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Best Canary Wharf Photography spots for headshots and Instagram

What are the best Canary wharf instagram spots?

The Best Canary wharf Instagram spots are:

Canary Wharf is a significant source of opportunities on photography and headshots. Here, we've curated a list of the best spots that are sure to elevate your Instagram or headshots game.

1. Canary Wharf : Adam's Plaza Bridge

Adams Plaza Bridge connects the Elizabeth line underground station to One Canada Square, with its beautiful roof-garden park. The vibrant and colourful makeover, "Captivated By Colour" by Camille Walala was created for the first London Mural Festival in September 2020 and is now a permanent art installation. This iconic bridge offers a stunning fusion of art and functionality. It feels like a scene from a science fiction movie.

The artist Camile Walala mentioned "The palette and patterns create a sense of movement and surprise."

Adams plaza bridge Canary Wharf

Adam's Plaza Bridge Location: Link on Google Maps

2. Poplar pedestrian tunnel for photos with attractive symmetry.

This tunnel is a great place to capture ultra-creative architecture and symmetrical-styled shots. It's very minimalistic, but with the right angle and a subject, you can unleash some unexpected results. You could try using a wide angle lens (14-24mm).

How to get to the location

When you take the D

LR, go to Poplar Station and then get off of the train. Make your way up the flight of stairs toward the blue circular overhead bridge. Both ends of the tunnel are good for making photos.

poplar pedestrian tunnel near canary wharf

Poplar tunnel location: Link on Google Maps

3. Canary Wharf Underground Station entrance

The entrance has an oval shape which provides an interesting frame.

headshot canary wharf underground station entrance

Underground Station Location: Link on Google Maps

4. One Canada Square: The Iconic Skyscraper

Standing at 235 meters, One Canada Square offers an unbeatable panoramic view of London.

You can take headshots with the skyscrapers on the background.

The skyscraper was the tallest building in London until the Shard was made in 2012. One Canada Square stands at 235 metres while the Shard is 310 metres to the tip at the top.

It can be very challenging to capture all the building in one frame if you stay close to it.

You would need to have a significant distance between you and the building and/or use a wide lens (14-35 mm) if you want to capture the full height of the skyscraper.

one canada square skyscraper canary wharf

One Canada Square skyscraper location: Link on Google Maps

Note: If you want to have in focus a close-up on the face of a person and the buildings less in focus or a bit blurry then it's suggested to use a portrait or telephoto lens (usually between 50-135mm) . I have a 85 mm lens that I use for example for close-up portraits. Keep in mind that if you use a portrait or telephoto lens there is a high chance you will see only a part of the building on the background unless you are very far from the building.

See example below of a portrait photo which was made not too far from the skyscraper in the middle of the background:

headshot canary wharf near skyscraper

5. Crossrail Place Roof Garden: Urban Oasis

  • Find tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle of Canary Wharf. The lush greenery and contemporary design provide a striking contrast for your photos.

  • There are also benches in the garden where you can sit and relax.

crossrail place roof garden canary wharf

crossrail place roof garden canary wharf bench

Crossrail Place Roof Garden

6. View point with DLR rail passing over the bridge

There is a unique combination between the coloured bridge , modern buildings and water.

A great view across the water and of the tall buildings all around you. This is located just a few steps in front of the Underground station.

full portrait with dlr rail over the bridge canary wharf

Canary Wharf View Point location: Link on Google Maps

7. Big Easy Restaurant

  • Charming exterior of Big Easy Restaurant.

  • Great views of the surrounding buildings & dock lands

Big Easy Canary Wharf exterior

Big Easy Restaurant location: Link on Google Maps

8. Cabot Square: Art and Nature Blend

  • With its beautiful sculptures and carefully landscaped gardens, Cabot Square is a haven for art and nature lovers alike.

Cabot Square Canary wharf with statue in middle

Cabot Square Location: Link on Google Maps

9. Electro-Rainbow in Crossrail Place

  • The artist sees the work similar to the floor of a disco or club, with the patterns and colours dancing across the surface like rays of light on a dancefloor.

10. Blackwall Basin with great reflections

Near Canary Wharf is a patch of water called Blackwall Basin. If you arrive on this location when there’s no wind you may get perfect reflections.

Best time for pics: Blue hour/Sunset/Night

Cost: Free

11. West India Car park

A car park that has an open air circular ramp that is a favourite with architecture photographers.

⚠️ Shoot with care and beware of moving vehicles!

Notes to keep in mind for photographers in Canary Wharf

Please keep in mind that photographers might be questioned by security staff. Sometimes a permit might be required. You can contact the Canary Wharf estate office directly, who should be able to sort you out with a permit. You will have to specify your equipment, and the date/times/areas you will be shooting.

I suggest to avoid making photos on building entrances or security arrangements.

Canary Wharf Photography Spots Conclusion

Canary Wharf is a dynamic and visually captivating district that beckons photographers and Instagram enthusiasts alike.

These spots offer the perfect blend of modern architecture, historical charm, and natural beauty, making Canary Wharf a photography destination like no other.

F.A.Q. - Common questions

Q: What is the best time of day to capture the perfect shot in Canary Wharf?

A: The golden hours of sunrise and sunset offer the most stunning lighting for photography in Canary Wharf. However, the area looks equally impressive during the day and at night, so it's worth exploring at different times.

If you want to have photos without people in the background I would recommend shooting at very early hours like 6 AM. (or low traffic hours before people go outside)

Q: Are there photography restrictions in specific locations within Canary Wharf?

Q: Do I need a professional camera or a photographer to capture great photos in Canary Wharf?

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